BJÖRNSTAD fick fantastiska recensioner inför premiär på HBO Max!


I slutet av februari hade BJÖRNSTAD premiär på HBO Max och HBO US-kabel, som första skandinaviska titeln. Följ länkarna nedan för att läsa några av de fantastiska recensionerna;

The Globe and the Mail

The Paste magazine

The Daily Beast – “HBO’s Stunning Examination of Rape and Toxic Masculinity”

IndieWire – “Beartown’ Review: HBO’s Gutting Hockey Drama Hits Hard Against Rape Culture”

Decider – “That ability to communicate to the audience that there’s more at stake than just a hockey game or a season is what will make viewers continue to watch Beartown “

Salon – “The series’ creators stripped ”Beartown” of the melodrama that’s often inherent to stories centered on teenagers, and of the salaciousness that lesser series lean on when writing about sex crimes. In its place, they revealed a narrative that’s chilling in its survey of how we can lose what makes of human in the pursuit of a win.”

Under the Radar Magazine – ”There is a lot to take away from Beartown, most notably the idea of how someone’s superiority complex – when egged on by others – and abuse of power can have long-lasting and deeply-resonant ripple effects. Moreover, by being a sports drama that spends equal time both on the rink and off the rink, the series is able to capture the viewer’s attention – and keep it, in a variety of ways.”