BECK – Inferno is the winner of the Audience Award at the Guldbagge gala

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BECK – Inferno is the winner of the Audicence Award at the Guldbagge gala.

BECK – Inferno is the 49th film in the series.

The Guldbaggen galan took place Monday January 15th.

Nothing is the way it should be in the Beck group. Josef is suspended, pending an internal investigation of his alleged assault of a Säpo agent. Klas Fredén, who has climbed to even higher heights within the police organization is the head of Säpo now. He contacts Josef and offers to help him. But nothing in life is free and Klas wants Josef to do him a favor first. Josef initially turns him down, but after his first round of questioning with the internal investigators, he realizes that he doesn’t have a chance of being cleared.

The Beck group led by Alex investigates simultaneously a fatal shooting at a gas station, where a father of two has been shot while filling up. Alex is more affected by Josef’s suspension than she wants to admit, but Martin knows her so he becomes more involved in the investigation and stands confidently behind her.

Josef contacts Klas again, despite the fact that it goes against everything he stands for. Klas wants Josef to find a woman who is believed to have stolen a famous Botticelli painting, “Inferno,” which seems to have been used as collateral in a series of drug deals. Josef’s arrangement with Klas results in catastrophic consequences for Josef, Klas and the entire Beck group.