FALLEN is created by Camilla Ahlgren (Bron, Vargasommar) and staring Sofia Helin and Hedda Stiernsted. FALLEN is an emotional crime drama which, in addition to the classic mystery, is also about sisterhood, parenthood, guilt, grief and how to move on after a trauma.

In FALLEN, Sofia Helin plays Iris Broman, the new head of the Kalla Fall, a group solving cold cases in Malmö. Due to a tragedy, she moves from Stockholm down to the small southern town of Ystad, where she lives in her half-sister Kattis’ (Hedda Stiernstedt) house by the sea.

When Iris arrives in Skåne, a cold case becomes topical again and everything is turned upside down, intertwining the lives of several people. What was the truth then, what is the truth now – and what are the consequences?

This new crime drama stars Sofia Helin (The Bridge, Lust, Emmy winner Atlantic Crossing) and Hedda Stiernstedt (The Restaurant, Wallander, Beforeigners). Additional cast includes Kajsa Ernst, Håkan Bengtsson and Inez Andersson, among others.

FALLEN is produced by Filmlance International, which is part of Banijay. Producer is Anna Wallmark. Executive producer on TV4 is Lisa Dahlberg. Screenwriters and creators are Camilla Ahlgren, Martin Asphaug and Alex Haridi. The main director is Linnéa Roxeheim and the second director is Olof Spaak. Fallen is a co-production between TV4, ZDF, Film i Skåne and Filmlance. Fallen is distributed internationally by Banijay Rights.

FALLEN is available on TV4 Play.

Producent: Anna Wallmark

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