BECK 27 – 30

BECK 27 – 30 – includes the films Room 302, The Family, The Invasion and The Hospital Murders. The films are based on Maj Sjöwall & Per Wahlöös characters.

Beck 27 – Room 302 – A young woman is found strangled in a hotel room in central Stockholm. Martin Beck and Gunvald Larsson investigate the case where the tracks lead in several directions – from the city’s suburbs to the nightlife around Stureplan. At the same time they are contending with a new police chief and Martin have to get used to the fact that his daughter is dating a cop.

Beck 28 – The Family – A notorious crime boss is murdered in his home, shot by a sniper. The Beck Group chart all of his enemies, which turns out to be the major part of the Stockholm underworld, and will also find a link to a mother of two who had been driven to death in a parking lot in the suburbs.

Beck 29 – The Invasion – A dead man is found buried outside Stockholm. They suspect he is a victim of a conflict within an Islamist terror cell which makes the Beck Group forced to cooperate with Swedish Security Service. One of the companies investigated proves to provide black labor to Stockholm’s less scrupulous construction companies. The case evokes strong feelings for Martin Beck and the cooperation with the Swedish Security Service is anything than simple.

Beck 30 – The Hospital Murders – A sick woman dies in a hospital in Stockholm. It seems however as if she has been killed. The woman’s son is accusing the doctor Johan Fors for her death. When Johan Fors is found dead the suspicions are directed towards the son. It also seems like the hospital staff is hiding things from the Beck group.



Producers: Tomas Michaelsson, Lars Blomgren

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