Glowing Stars

Jenna is fourteen years old, and all she should really have to worry about are her breasts that just never start growing, or why she is not as popular as Ullis, or what she should do to make Sakke fall in love with her, or at least discover her existence.

But life is not that simple. Back at home, Jenna’s mother is sick from cancer, and in school there’s Jenna’s friend Susanna, who is hopelessly turned inward and too afraid to go to parties or fall in love. On top of everything, Jenna and her mother are forced to move in with Jenna’s annoying grandmother when the mother’s condition suddenly deteriorates. Everything sucks and life goes on somewhere else, namely at Ullis’ place, where there is a party. And although Jenna is actually too afraid to go there, she has had enough now and makes up her mind to go – to Sakke with the beautiful eyes, and to Ullis, who refuses to feel sad when you can feel happy instead. With Ullis by her side, Jenna throws herself into a world of parties, booze, and boys. Finally, she can take her mind off all the dark stuff. Off her grandmother’s sad eyes and her awkward care and attention. Off a trip to Thailand that she has longed for but that may never happen. Off the chemotherapy that doesn’t do any good anyway, and off a poem she once wrote that is in her pocket: “If you die Mother, I will kill myself.”


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