Money Problem

MONEY PROBLEM is Nikeisha Andersson’s feature debut.

A yearning for cold hard cash echoes through the ghetto, while rich Swedes spend each weekend bathing in champagne in Stockholm’s hot spots. Sara & Amida refuse to get stuck being flat broke, and from their friendship an idea is born for an adventure in spilled champagne. A “booster bag,” a night on the town in snatched clothes, and a smooth Swede who takes everything that used to be tough, but at least stable, and turns it upside down.

MONEY PROBLEM is the story of two girls in their 20s, raised in the socioeconomically disadvantaged suburbs of Stockholm, and caught in a never-ending, dangerous search for money. Old debts, their family situations and their marginalized place in society has set them on a slippery slope in their homeland: Sweden.

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