The Accidental Rebel

The year is 1678. For three years, Denmark and Sweden have been fighting for power in the south Swedish province of Scania. The farmers of Scania, who have suffered under Swedish misrule for years, are caught in the middle. Their only hope of liberty is a Danish victory. So, many of them have abandoned their farms to fight for the Danes. Those rebels are known as “Snapphanar”.

One night, a God-fearing young man named Nils Geting loses everything and everyone he holds dear when his farm is burned down and his entire family wiped out by Swedes disguised as Snapphanar. Thus does he begin his journey of revenge — a journey that now makes him a Snapphanae and participant in a struggle for independence.

Nils soon finds allies among the Snapphanar: Svart-Stina, Räddstor, David and Josua, who take Nils under their tutelage and instruct him in the handling of weapons. Together, the five guerrillas are quick, effective, cunning fighters.

Meanwhile, Gabriel Lejonhuvud, counsellor and right-hand man to the Swedish king, Karl XI, is travelling around in Scania demanding villagers’ allegiance to the Crown of Sweden. With him on his journey, he has two things of importance: a war-chest and his fiancée Hedvig Sparre.

The Snapphanar are ordered to steal Lejonhuvud’s war-chest: a mission made more difficult by the ghost that is silently and ruthlessly killing Partisans.


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