BECK 9 – 16

BECK 9 – 16 – includes the films Revenge, The Man with No Face, The Cartel, The Recluse, Sender Unknown, The Ad Man, The Boy in the Glass Bowl and Blind Profit. The films are based on Maj Sjöwall & Per Wahlöös characters.

Beck 9 – Revenge – The theft of a large amount of explosives from an army barrack and the discovery of two police officers brutally murdered near their abandoned patrol car. Two apparently unconnected incidents occur the same evening and gradually weave together into a gruesome tale of revenge.

Beck 10 – The Man with No Face – Jörgen Beckman is a salesman of locks and alarm systems. While out on his habitual evening walk with the dog, Beckman is suddenly attacked and stabbed to death. Gunvald Larsson arrives the crime-scene and discovers that the murderer not only killed Beckman but also removed his face. Literally. Flayed him. The victim was well liked, a happy sociable person. Beckman’s deeply shocked wife, Angelica, describes their relationship as stable and happy. She knows of no threats against her husband. However, she tells the police, a foreign looking man rang the doorbell the night before the murder and asked for her husband.

Beck 11 – The Cartel – A Greek restaurant owner, Christos, has been found tortured and brutally murdered in his own restaurant. Beck’s first hypothesis is that this is a settling of scores in the restaurant business. He knows that the business is a quagmire of more or less organised crime. Beck soon has a picture of the situation. A number of persons have gone together and formed a tough group that offers restaurant owners everything from undeclared personnel to smuggled drinks and fixed cash registers. Those restaurant owners who refuse to cooperate are subjected to threats and violence.

Beck 12 – The Recluse – A young Asian woman is found dead in the water in Stockholm, murdered. Signs on her body suggest she was a prostitute. No identity papers are found. The first questions confronting the Beck group are: Who is she? Where did she come from? And why was she murdered? On the small island of Vansö, in the heart of the Stockholm archipelago, a number of break ins have been reported. Suddenly one of the islanders, Erik Johannesson, an OAP, is found brutally murdered on his small farm. The house is ransacked. The Beck group is called in to investigate. They find much worry and concern among the islanders. Is the murderer still on the island?

Beck 13 – Sender Unknown – A man is found, shot dead, in the long term parking at Arlanda airport. The man’s name is Nils Adrup and he is an accountant, and single. No airline ticket is found on him. And he has no luggage. From the airline company Beck finds out that the man was booked on a flight to Malaysia; a single ticket. None of the people close to him had any idea of that he was planning a trip. Nonetheless Adrup had emptied his bank accounts the day before, which gave him a large sum of money. It would seem he was leaving the country in secret. Why?

Beck 14 – The Ad man – A woman in her late 30s, Malin Tavast, is brutally assaulted while out riding her bicycle through the woods. She is able to break free from her attacker and as she escapes she manages to turn on her cell phone and make a phone call to her husband. The husband immediately calls the police. The Beck group is called to the woods. They find a woman strangled with a fishing line. In her handbag they find her ID papers. Her name is Eva Lindskog. Malin Tavast bike and cell phone has been found, but there is no trace after Malin. Was Malin a victim of the same murderer as Eva Lindskog? Is there a serial killer at work?

Beck 15 – The boy in the glass bowl – The mother of autistic Jack, Mona Svensson is found murdered in her home. The Beck group arrives at the murder scene. They find Mona’s severely autistic 11 year old son, Jack, sitting in the rumpus room, with blood all over him, and holding the murder weapon, a steel lamp, in his hand. Jack’s ability to communicate with the outside world was already minimal, even before Mona’s death. And now, after what has happened he withdraw into himself even more. He has even stopped doing what he loves most, drawing. Jack knows what has happened, but there are people around him that don’t want the truth to get out…

Beck 16 – Blind profit – The Beck group is alerted about the discovery of three dead women whose faces are completely disfigured by acid. Neither of the women can be identified. The women were murdered within the same 24-hour period. All indications point to the same perpetrator, a solitary psychopath, possibly a serial killer. All available police are called in…



Producenter: Lars Blomgren, Börje Hansson

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