Bron III Broen

The third season of BRON/BROEN starring Sofia Helin and Thure Lindhart.

BRON/BROEN is a Scandinavian co-production between Sweden and Denmark, produced by the two companies Filmlance International in Sweden and Nimbus Film in Denmark. DR, SVT and ZDF are the main financiers and co-producers and Piv Bernth, Head of Drama at DR, is Executive Producer. The actors and the production team are made up by both Swedes and Danes, and the story is set in the border region of Sweden (Malmö) and Denmark (Copenhagen), linked by the Øresund Bridge.

BRON/BROEN has been sold to an incredible 157 countries/territories and has had widespread success at many festivals. When season two premiered in the UK it got the highest number of viewers for an international TV series in the history of BBC4.


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