The Sandhamn Murders – season 2

The Sandhamn Murders – season 2 consists of the films Closed Circles and Guiltless. Both are based on Viveca Sten’s crime novels with the same name.

Closed Circles – The finish of the Round Gotland Race. Oscar Juliander and his crew win the race, but on the way into Sandhamn, he suddenly collapses, shot in the chest. The murder case is assigned to detective Thomas Andreasson at the Nacka Police Department. Oscar Juliander was a well-known, established bankruptcy lawyer and the vice chairman of the Royal Swedish Yacht Club. The plot thickens as another member of the Yacht Club is murdered.

Guiltless – Sunny summer days on Sandhamn; some kids are playing hide-and-seek in the woods, when suddenly a scream cuts through the summer idyll. One of the kids has made a macabre find: a decaying arm. Detective inspector Thomas Andreasson leads the investigation and discovers connections between the body part and an 18-year-old girl who went missing last year. Then another young girl goes missing on the island…

Producers: Anders Landström & Martin Cronström



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