The Sandhamn Murders – season 5

The Sandhamn Murders – season 5 consists of the film In the Heat of the Moment, based on Viveca Sten’s crime novels with the same name.

Midsummer Weekend in Sandhamn. Young people are partying, the music is pounding and the alcohol is flowing. A young girl comes stumbling along, seriously intoxicated. She collapses and is taken under the care of the police.

Nora Linde is celebrating Midsummer with her new love, Jonas. But the celebration turns into a nightmare when his daughter Vera doesn’t come home that night, as they had agreed. She doesn’t answer her mobile and no one knows where she has gone…

Sandhamn has a painful awakening from the night’s celebrations, when a summer guest who is swimming the next morning finds a teenage boy dead on a cliff. Everything points to murder.

Detective Inspector Thomas Andreasson becomes involved in the case, along with his colleague Mia Holmgren from Nacka Police. They begin to locate and interrogate all the young people who were involved. But they all give different versions of events. Who is lying? Who is telling the truth? And who is responsible for the young boy’s Death?


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