The Sandhamn Murders – season 10

The Sandhamn Murders – season 10 includes the films Madeleine, Nikki & Evelina and Birgitta. The season premieres on TV4 Play+ August 7th.

Madeleine – A few months have passed since the bombing, and in a nursing home a retiree gets her throat cut. An acquaintance of Nora’s returns from the dead. She wants to move on with her life, but one of her closest friends makes a decision with big consequences.

Nikki & Evelina – Friends from the past meet in the archipelago, and the boat dealer is knocked down. Nora’s daughter Anna gets involved. Alexander is back, at work and in Nora’s life, but there’s something he can’t tell her, with increasingly dire consequences for both Nora and himself.

Birgitta – A detective queen is poisoned, and one of the suspects has a disturbing connection to Nora. The police investigation has unexpected management problems, and behind the others’ backs Alexander’s predicament worsens. Nora finally sees through him, and is faced with a difficult choice.

The Sandhamn Murders is produced by Filmlance International, part of Banijay. The producer is Francy Suntinger. The director is Mattias Ohlsson and Niklas Ohlson. The script is written by Johan Widerberg and Sara Heldt. Executive producer on C More and TV4 is Petra Ahlin.

Producer: Francy Suntinger

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