The Pink Cloud Syndrome

Greipr who has spent his entire life caring about nothing but his own interests tries to help Lea with his newfound energy. Together they start dreaming about a better life, but dreams doesn’t always come true.

The Pink Cloud Syndrome is director and artist Alexis “Alexis Weak” Almströms feature film debut. The screenplay is written by Alexis himself and writer Marioan Hosseini. The leading roles are played by actor Albin Grenholm (The Unliving & The Malmögirls) and Hedda Stiernstedt as Lea (Young Sophie Bell, The Wolves & Monica Z). The main supporting roles are played by Lo Kauppi and Isabel Reboia.

The Film had principal photography during the summer and fall of 2014 in Gnesta, Stockholm and Oskarshamn, Sweden. The film is estimated to be completed in June 2015 and premier during the fall of 2015. The Pink Cloud Syndrome is the first feature film that has been produced as a final examination projekt from the Swedish Film School (Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, formerly Dramatic Institute)

The film is coproducer by Erik Lundqvist at Singularity Film, Ljud & Bild-Media AB, Filmlance International, Europa Sound & Vision, Europa Foley Studios, Attraktiva Oskarshamn and Carnivale Pictures with support from Reaktor Sydost, Oskarshamns Kommun and Gnesta Kommun.



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