Elina is a nine-year-old girl living in a remote area of northern Sweden in the early fifties. She belongs to a less affluent, Finnish-speaking minority group.

Elina’s father died of tuberculosis a few years back. Father and daughter were very close, and she misses him terribly. Elina often goes off on her own to visit the bog close to her home. She believes she can still connect with her father at the bog, and there she finds comfort when life is hard.

Elina is also affected by tuberculosis and she has been on a long sick leave from school. When our story begins, the doctor tells Elina that she is fit to go back to school. Due to her long absence, she will start in a different class with a new teacher. Elina and her new teacher get off to a very bad start. The silent battle between the two soon involves the entire school.


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