Bron IIII Broen

The theme of The Bridge IV is identity, and it permeates all of our stories. Concrete questions about identity will be combined with more existential ideas. Who am I? A fake passport can give you a new identity. Who do I want to be? Some people give false identities, pretending to be someone else. How am I perceived by others? Many people live under protected identities. How do I want to be perceived?

In season four, we welcome back Sofia Helin as Saga Norén and Thure Lindhardt as Henrik in the leading parts together with several other actors from the previous seasons, Sarah Boberg, Rafael Pettersson and Maria Kulle. They will be joined by many new and exciting characters played by Mikael Birkkjær, Johannes Bah Kuhnke and Thomas W Gabrielsson, amongst others.

“Bron/Broen” is a co-production between Sweden and Denmark, produced by the Swedish production company Filmlance International and the Danish company Nimbus Film. The actors and the production team are made up by both Swedes and Danes, and the story is set in the border region of Sweden (Malmö) and Denmark (Copenhagen), linked by the Öresund Bridge.



Producent: Anders Landström

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