Vinterviken 2021

Vinterviken 2021 is a modern adaptation of the successful hit film Vinterviken from 1996 based on Mats Wahl’s acclaimed novel by the same name.

The story is set in Stockholm 2021 and focuses on the love story between Elisabeth and John John. The two youngsters are raised in the same city, yet they live light years apart, separated economically, socially and culturally. Until the day they start in the same high school class.

Vinterviken 2021 will be produced by Filmlance International, a part of Endemol Shine Group, with Teresa Alldén as producer and Alexis Almström as director. Dunja Vujovic serves as the screenwriter. The three of them have previously collaborated on Top Dog, a tv series based on Jens Lapidus trilogy.

Vinterviken 2021 will release globally on Netflix and will be co-produced by Sveriges Television.

Producer: Teresa Alldén

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