Beck 37) – Without Intent

A 12 year old girl goes home from practice to help her mother prepare her birthday party, but when she gets home she finds her mother lying dead at the bottom of the stairs. Is it an accident or did someone want to hurt the single mother? It comes to light that the little family is living with a protected identity, and during the course of the investigation, the case takes several surprising turns.

Alex Beijer reports for her first day of work as Squad Chief for Steinar, Oskar, Jenny and Ayda. Martin Beck, who is now working as Division Chief, is very pleased with his new recruit. Steinar, who was previously Interim Squad Chief, ensures her that he was never interested in the job, and does his best to make the new situation work. But when he and Alex start to focus on different leads in the investigation, it puts their nascent cooperation to the test.


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