A Witch in the Family

8 – year – old Maria has a little brother, who she thinks is a pain in the neck. When she meets a new friend, Makka, in the neighborhood, she gets to look into Makka’s crystal ball and then she makes the fatal mistake of wishing that her little brother would vanish.

After that, everything has changed: Maria becomes ill and her parents, who are extremely busy, manage to get Aunt Gerda to baby-sit at the last minute. Maria, together with her new friend Makka, slowly realizes that Gerda must be the answer to her wish: a witch who has come to kidnap her little brother.

Maria deeply regrets making the wish, and must stop Gerda at all costs. Together with Makka and a book of magic spells, Maria does everything in her power to stop Gerda from taking her little brother. Her last solution to the dilemma is: that she shall take her little brother’s place and leave with Gerda…

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