BECK 17 – 24

BECK 17 – 24 – includes the films The Scorpion, The Unclaimed Girl, The Buzzard, The Attorney, The Japanese Painting, The Weak Link, The Silent Scream and In the Name of God. The films are based on Maj Sjöwall & Per Wahlöös characters.

Beck 17 – The Scorpion – A brutally battered woman manages to flee from her home with her children. Later, the body of a dead man is found in the same house, the murder was preceded by an assault and the bloodstains found at the crime-scene match with the woman and the suspicion that the woman been murdered intensifies. The Beck-team does everything they possibly can to find the missing family.

Beck 18 – The Unclaimed Girl – A little girl is found dead in an abandoned earth cellar, the forensic examination shows that she has been dead for some time. No child has been reported missing; who is she and how did she end up in that place? Martin Beck and Gunvald Larsson take on this macabre case which starts in the woods around Stockholm and ends far away from the country’s borders.

Beck 19 – The Buzzard – John Vedén, the former Minister of sports, vanishes without a trace after he has attended a late meeting. Since Margareta Oberg is a close friend of Vedén she assigns Martin Beck and his colleagues to investigate his disappearance. The Beck team reconstruct Vedén’s last 24 hours. This leads them into Stockholm’s illegal gambling world.

Beck 20 – The Attorney – The star lawyer, Patrik Hansson, is brutally murdered in his flat. A young woman is also in the flat and she manages to make an emergency call to the police. When the Beck team are put on the case they discover a clear motive for the murder. Hansson was just about to round up a case against a multinational company and he had a good chance of winning. When Beck and his colleagues start to unravel Hansson’s life it soon turns out that he wasn’t completely unblemished. He lived his life in a grey area and had several connections to the under world. Could it possibly be that Hansson’s death had nothing to do with the ongoing case? Could it be that totally different persons with totally different motives are involved?

Beck 21 – The Japanese Painting – Martin Beck gets a phone call at home from his German colleague, Hans Sperling. Sperling is in Stockholm to buy a painting at an auction. Sperling has found a murdered woman in the hotel where he is staying. The murdered woman was shot and is lying in her bed with red roses set around her body, everything arranged like in a well-known Chagall painting. Sperling and the Beck team, together, start to unravel this case which leads them to the murky criminal world of art. The trail leads them to a small framer’s shop where Gunvald makes a gruesome discovery. Could his discovery have any connection to the murdered woman? The police work is intensified. The clues are added together and a trap is set… The question is who will fall into the trap first. The murderer or the police?

Beck 22 – The Weak Link – It is late at night in a deserted park. A young woman has been brutally raped and murdered. The persons who discovered the body are the young woman’s parents. A man suddenly appears at the crime scene. Could he have something to do with the murder? And who is the mysterious person wearing a hooded jacket that he claims he saw in the park? Beck and his colleagues have to piece together a jigsaw of clues to get a clearer picture. But why are there so few clues? And could there be a link to other similar cases?

Beck 23 – The Silent Scream – A train hurtles through the dark night. An ordinary shift for the engine driver. Suddenly the monotonous calm and peace are thrown into a complete chaos. Two girls are lying on the rails. The driver does not have an earthly chance to stop the train in time. Beck and his colleagues arrive at the scene of the accident. The questions pile up immediately. The foot prints near the two bodies, who do they belong to? How did the girls come to be on the rails? Who has been living in the hut not far from the rail bed? Did that person perhaps see something that could be of interest for the police? The Beck team are up against an unusual case where the clues lead them in totally different directions and where the solution is perhaps not so clear-cut.

Beck 24 – In the Name of God – A paparazzi photographer is found brutally murdered. His photo studio has been ransacked. Computers and cameras are missing. Was it a robbery that went wrong? A settling of scores for a drug deal? Or had the murdered photographer discovered and taken photos of something so sensitive that he had to be killed? The motives and the clues are very sparse. The only thing Martin Beck and his colleagues have to go on is a pen with a built-in USB-memory holding more than 100 photos. Perhaps the solution is to be found among the pictures. Margareta Oberg reacts strongly to two of the pictures and hides them without anyone being the wiser. What does Oberg actually know about the persons on the photos? And why doesn’t she say anything to Beck?



Producenter: Tomas Michaelsson, Lars Blomgren

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