Caliphate is a dense drama thriller in eight episodes written by Wilhelm Behrman and Niklas Rockström (Before We Die) and directed by Goran Kapetanović (Guldbagge-Awarded My Aunt in Sarajevo). The series portrays five young women whose fates are intertwined in the shadow of religious fanaticism.

September 2015. Security Service agent Fatima’s career is in trouble after a serious mistake. But one day she gets a very upsetting phone call. Pervin, a young, Swedish woman, is stuck in Raqqa, where her husband, Husam, has joined IS. She is living in constant terror of the irrational violence around her, and fears for both her own life and her daughter’s. She has to get out now! Fatima has some hesitation, but changes her mind when Pervin tells her that her husband and his group of Swedish jihadists are planning a large-scale terrorist attack in Sweden. Fifteen-year-old Sulle is bored in school, where no one takes anything seriously. But a cool teacher’s assistant, Ibbe, has caught her eye. He treats her like an adult.

Gizem Erdogan and Amed Bozan were both awarded with the TV-prize Kristallen 2020 for Best actors for Caliphate.

Caliphate recieved a special commendation at the Prix Europa and is nominated for C21 Drama Awards 2020 in the Best non-English language drama catergory.

Producer: Tomas Michaelsson



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