The Sandhamn Murders – season 7

The Sandhamn Murders – season 7 is based on the characters in Viveca Sten’s crime novels.

With the established drama now about to enter it’s 7th season the beloved characters will begin a version of their own in parallel to the books and their history of origin. We will once again meet the the beloved actress Alexandra Rapaport in the lead part as Nora Linde.

Morden i Sandhamn – season 7 includes the films Blue Lies, The Twins, The Promise and Vicky.

Blue Lies – On the cusp of the high season for student parties, deaths start being reported to the police, caused by what seems to be a new chemical narcotic. The police bust a sale and arrest a young dealer, as well as the buyer. It turns out that the buyer is actually a police officer, Alexander, a new, ambitious addition to the force. Nora is called in on the case, as the on-call prosecutor, and meets Alexander for the first time – an unforgettable encounter which ends with Nora doing him a favor. When Nora’s daughter Anna disappears without a trace after a party, Alexander has a chance to return the favor and he initiates a search for her daughter.

The Twins – Strömma Cement Inc. is a family company run with an iron grip by the family’s matriarch, Eva. When Eva has a heart attack and ends up in the hospital, she asks her daughter Jonna to handle an important sale in her absence, despite the fact that, on paper, her son Sebastian is CEO. Sebastian, who has racked up big gambling debts, is hurt by this. He goes behind his family’s back and contacts a friend, real estate entrepreneur Wilhelm Bauer, to close a deal quickly, so that he can claim the money for himself. Meanwhile, Nora is investigating Wilhelm Bauer for accounting fraud. He runs a company that buys up cheap, coastal industrial properties and converts them to luxury residential estates. This process often demands a very high price, both human and financial.

The Promise – A fisherman finds a female body in his fishing nets near Sandhamn. Alexander and Miriam take the call. Once there, Alexander reacts unusually strong to how the police handle the dead body. It’s almost as if he knows who she is. Nora has rented the Brandska villa to Kristina, a family friend. She will spend all summer at Sandhamn and her new big love Anders, who she met at a dating site, will also come and visit. Her only concern is that he is married. He has promised to leave his wife for her, but when they talk on the phone it certainly doesn’t sounds like it. Nora’s friend Gisela thinks she recognizes him from somewhere…

Vicky – Carl-Johan is appointed Jubilee doctor and celebrates it with a big party in his house at Sandhamn. Of course, all children should be present, even though they do not really like their stepmother or appreciate their father’s degrading games and scornful comments. The party gets an abrupt end with the murder of Carl-Johan. Nora’s daughter Anna, who works at the party, becomes a witness to the incident. When Alexander has to go to Sandhamn for some boat break-ins, he takes the opportunity to visit Nora, and at the same time invite her to dinner. A dinner that won’t take place this time either.


Producer: Martin Cronström



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