BECK 43-46

BECK 43-46 – includes the films Haunted by the Past, Rage Room, 58 Minutes and The Crying Cop. The films are based on Maj Sjöwall & Per Wahlöös characters.

Beck 43 – Haunted by the Past – A body is found floating in the water near Liljeholmen. The dead man is a 39-year-old Danish citizen with a hefty criminal record as a member of a notorious Danish drug network. When his car is found in a suspicious location, Alex and Josef start running surveillance on it. The Danish gang has been weakened over the course of several years after a big bust which sent many of their top ranked members to prison. Is the Beck group about to get caught in the middle of a gang war? The gang’s leader is serving time in Swedish prison, and the only person he is willing to talk to is Steinar Hovland. Martin Beck is back, to the delight of the entire Beck group. Martin’s daughter isn’t as happy about the situation, but has to accept her father’s decision to start working again. When Steinar returns to Stockholm, he and Alex immediately find their old stride and work well together. Josef, however, is not happy about it. Oskar tries Tinder, but needs Jenny’s help to get some momentum going in his dating life.

Beck 44 – Rage Room – A man is found brutally murdered in the forest. Alex, Steinar and Martin report to the scene and start establishing a plan for the investigation. Josef has been to a high school reunion where he met Cissi. She tells him that her father died of a heart attack after being woken brutally in the middle of the night by a masked person. In order to make a good impression on Cissi, Josef talks to the officers who dealt with the break-in and starts to unofficially investigate the case, without Alex’s approval. He brings Steinar along on his investigation and they find themselves in the middle of another macabre crime scene. Alex is irritated and frustrated with Josef for not following her orders, especially since his investigation is pushing the boundaries of conflict of interest, which he criticized her for so harshly previously. Martin is coming in to the office more and more, and he starts to give work higher priority than his commitment to the garden allotment that Inger got him.

Beck 45 – 58 Minutes – Alex Beijer is appearing on a morning TV show, and in the make-up room, she meets a charming entrepreneur, Tomas Tormalm, who is also going to be a guest on the programme. Just as the show is about to begin, one of the guards who works in the building walks into the studio in the middle of the live broadcast with a gun drawn, and threatens Tormalm. Chaos descends on the studio and Tormalm manages to flee with his bodyguard. Alex, the news hosts and studio staff are all left behind as hostages. The BECK group sees the kidnapping on live TV and immediately starts working to free the hostages, despite Klas Fredén’s firm demand that they stay out of the situation. They have 58 minutes to get Tormalm back to the studio, or the security guard will start shooting the hostages. The same thing will happen if the cameras are turned off. The entire BECK group does everything in their power to find a way to free the hostages, above all Alex Beijer, who is working from the inside, using her experience from similar hostage situations in Syria.

Beck 46 – The Crying Cop – There is widespread criticism of the police after the fatal shooting of a 14-year-old boy. A big demonstration against police violence goes wrong, fuelling further criticism. When a bus traveling from the Police Academy is attacked, Martin and Alex are called to the scene. Everyone onboard the bus has been shot brutally, and with just one exception, the shooting victims are police officers and cadets from the Police Academy. Could the attack be connected to the demonstrations against the police? Alex reacts to the fact that no one has claimed responsibility for the attack and, along with the rest of the BECK group, she starts to dig deeper into the case. Vilhelm, Martin’s grandson, who is attending the Police Academy now, discovers something that proves to be critical to the investigation. Alex and Martin are working closely now, and they join forces to defy Klas Fredén. Something is off between Alex and Josef, while Jenny and Oscar’s camaraderie is just getting stronger, both at work and personally.


Producer: Francy Suntinger

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