December 2004. Tomas, director of an aid organization, is in the center of a handful of people’s lives. Emelie, his lover, is about to leave her cancer sick husband for him.  Abbe, his friend and colleague, is trying to hide from him the fact that he’s stolen money from the organization. And Sara, an ambitious journalist, falsely believes she has evidence that Tomas is guilty of the crime and is about to publish an article about it.

When Tomas discovers Abbe’s swindling, he gives him time during the Christmas holidays to pay the money back, while Tomas travels to Thailand to try to fix the relationship with his stepson, Ivan. Sara’s article in which Tomas is singled out as the villain, is published at the same time as Tomas goes missing during the catastrophic events of the Tsunami. Several people have much to gain from his disappearance. The question is which direction their conscience will take them

In the starring roles we find Henrik Norlén, Louise Peterhoff, Liv Mjönes, Thure Lindhardt, Evin Ahmad, David Lindström, Bengt Braskered, Freddy Åsblom, Fredrik Lycke and Källa Bie.The series is an original idea by Sara Kadefors, directed by Henrik Georgsson.

Producer: Anders Landström



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