BECK 35 – 38

BECK 35 – 38 – includes the films Flesh & Blood,  The Thin Ice, Without Intent and The Devil’s Attorney. The films are based on Maj Sjöwall & Per Wahlöös characters.

Beck 35 – Flesh & Blood – A man is beaten to death in the Middle East. In Stockholm, a young woman disappears on her way home from work. These two events will prove to be related. Since Martin Beck has quit, Steinar Hovland leads the search for the missing girl. But Martin is drawn into the case when he decides to help the national Security Police investigate a suspected terrorist. They soon realize that they are in a race against time to stop a catastrophe.

Beck 36 – The Thin Ice – Simon Lindström, the popular coach of a suburban junior hockey team is found stabbed to death. Does the murder have something to do with his side project: teaching unaccompanied refugee children to ice skate? This undertaking has certainly not been appreciated by everyone in their small, sheltered Community. Martin Beck, who has returned in a more senior position, struggles to find a replacement for the temporary head of the group, Steinar Hovland. But the Norwegian is becoming more and more interested in keeping his new role. The question is whether Martin can trust him?

Beck 37 – Without Intent – A 12 year old girl goes home from practice to help her mother prepare her birthday party, but when she gets home she finds her mother lying dead at the bottom of the stairs. Is it an accident or did someone want to hurt the single mother? It comes to light that the little family is living with a protected identity, and during the course of the investigation, the case takes several surprising turns. Alex Beijer reports for her first day of work as Squad Chief for Steinar, Oskar, Jenny and Ayda. Martin Beck, who is now working as Division Chief, is very pleased with his new recruit. Steinar, who was previously Interim Squad Chief, ensures her that he was never interested in the job, and does his best to make the new situation work. But when he and Alex start to focus on different leads in the investigation, it puts their nascent cooperation to the test.

Beck 38 – The Devil’s attorney – A man walks into a restaurant and goes to see the owner. After a brief exchange, the owner is shot and the killer quickly disappears. The murder appears to be a gang hit and all of the witnesses who were at the scene seem terrified and say that they don’t remember what happened. Under the leadership of the newly appointed Squad Chief, Alex, the group starts to investigate the murder with Division Chief Martin Beck. Steinar, the devoted family man, is now in anything but a good mood as his marital bliss seems to be falling apart. Oscar, Jenny and Ayda find themselves squeezed between different loyalties, before Martin Beck puts his foot down. And just as the Beck group can’t get further with their investigation, it turns out that, through his attorney, the main suspect has direct familial links to the group.



Producer: Tomas Michaelsson

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