BECK 47-50

On February 9, the 50th Beck film will premiere exclusively on TV4 Play, BECK- Deathlock. BECK, which celebrates 25 years this year, continues to be a huge ratings success on TV4.

Josef returns to duty with the Beck group and they are called out to investigate a man who was brutally murdered in his own home. Josef and Oskar report to the crime scene, a hovel of an apartment. The victim turns out to have a criminal record, which includes participation in a big armored car robbery. All of the conspirators were apprehended, but the money was never found. Josef’s brother, Tobban, is serving a sentence in the same prison the murder victim was just released from. Josef and Alex go there to find out if he knows anything more. Alex also orders a patrol call to go out and talk to the victim’s ex-wife. Vilhelm, Martin Beck’s grandson, just happens to be sitting in that patrol car, doing his field training. The victim’s ex-wife and her new boyfriend react unexpectedly to their arrival, overpowering Vilhelm’s supervisor and taking Vilhelm hostage.

Martin and Inger are beside themselves with worry. No one knows where Vilhelm is or what has happened to him. There are no leads. Is he alive? The Beck group is brought in on the case and do everything their power to track down the kidnappers.

Films 47-50 are a direct continuation where we left the Beck group last time and under the leadership of Alex Beijer the group is the same; Oskar, Jenny, Ayda, Steinar and Josef. The police unit works closely and efficiently together, but there are concerns. Has Alex come to terms with his past? Does Josef fit in with the group? Can Steinar contribute when they need him most? And the newly appointed Säpo chief Klas Fredén continues to show up where he shouldn’t and interferes in investigations that he has nothing to do with.

Beck – Deathlock premieres streaming on TV4 Play on February 9 and will come to the TV4 channel this spring. B

The Beck films are based on author couple Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö’s character and detective series about Martin Beck. The film is directed by Pontus Klänge and Niklas Ohlson. Peter Arrhenius, Dennis Magnusson, Annika Sandahl, Ronnie Sandahl and Johan Bogaeus have written the script. The script editor is Fredrik Agetoft. The films are produced by Francy Suntinger at Filmlance International, part of Banijay. Niva Westlin Dahl is executive producer for the project on C More and TV4 and Hanne Palmquist is executive producer for Filmlance International. Beck is a co-production between C More, TV4, Filmlance and Nordisk Film Production in collaboration with ZDF, DR, TV2 Norway, Nordisk Film Distribution and Banijay Rights. Beck is distributed internationally by Banijay Rights.

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Producer: Francy Suntinger

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