The Sandhamn Murders – Closed Circles

It’s a sunny day in July at Sandhamn. Banking lawyer Nora Linde is throwing a party; friends have gathered to follow the finish of the Round Gotland sailing race. Everyone cheers when the vessel on which Nora’s husband Henrik is first mate, crosses the finish line in first Place!

But on the way into Sandhamn, the captain of the boat, Oscar Juliander, suddenly collapses, struck by a shot in the chest. Where did the shot come from? And who was the shooter?
Crime inspector Thomas Andreasson with the Nacka PD is assigned the murder case together with his new partner Mia Holmgren. It turns out that Oscar Juliander, a well-known, established bankruptcy attorney and the vice chairman of the Royal Swedish Yacht Club, was hiding both secrets and lies behind that fancy exterior. Nothing is as it seems on the surface.
Then another yacht club board member is murdered… When Nora uses her legal expertise to help out with the case her relationship with Thomas grows stronger. This puts further strain on Nora and Henrik’s already troubled marriage. Nora realizes she needs to make up her mind. Will she get a divorce or not?


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