BECK 39 – 42

BECK 39 – 42 – includes the films Undercover, The Fall Guy, Death in Samarra and The Lost Son. The films are based on Maj Sjöwall & Per Wahlöös characters.

Beck 39 – Undercover – A young boy has been found murdered, and the Beck group’s investigation leads them to a narcotics network. Klas Fredén has been running a long-term undercover operation in the network and doesn’t want to jeopardize his investigation, which is in a critical phase. But he grants the Beck group, with Alex Beijer at the helm, permission to pursue their murder investigation. This puts Alex on a collision-course with Fredén.

Beck 40 – The Fall Guy – During a police intervention, a macabre discovery is made in the trunk of a car. Josef and Oskar find themselves in the line of fire of a seemingly cold-blooded killer. But things are not what they seem. Josef becomes the subject of a taxing internal investigation, and Oskar finds himself facing a difficult dilemma. Alex has to solve an unusual and unfathomably cruel murder, while the Beck group is in danger of imploding. Martin Beck has his doubts about her recruitment of Josef, and in the midst of it all, he seems to be going through personality-altering changes. The pressure on the Beck group becomes intense, both internally and externally, as the media learns about the botched police intervention and the upsetting discovery in the trunk. This will prove to be one of the group’s most emotional cases.

Beck 41 – Death in Samarra – A candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize is brutally stabbed to death in central Stockholm, immediately following a meeting in which he presented evidence of illegal warfare to two representatives of the war crimes tribunal from the Hague. Suspicions that this is a major political murder start to take root in the Beck group. One of the representatives, Majid, who is also the principal witness to the murder, worked with Alex when she was stationed in the Middle East. They have had a close relationship since then, and Josef thinks she should recuse herself from the investigation. But maybe his personal feelings are influencing him?  The pressure from Klas Fredén to solve the politically loaded case before the Security Service takes over doesn’t do anything to help repair the rifts within the group. Martin Beck is on sick leave, but insists on working while he waits for his diagnosis. He, Oskar and Jenny are forced to navigate the growing tensions within the group, and it soon becomes apparent that several of the parties involved are harboring dangerous secrets.

Beck 42 – The Lost Son – A jaw bone is discovered in the middle of the forest. When the rest of the body is found, it becomes clear it had moved very recently, and that it belongs to Viktor Eklund, who went missing five years ago. His mother, well-known author Cecilia Eklund, had just managed to put his disappearance behind her. It turns out that Martin Beck led the investigation into the disappearance five years ago, but Alex thinks it was uncharacteristically weak. It is missing important information and not up to par with Martin’s typical work. But Martin is very reserved and unwilling to discuss the case. Fredén, however, doesn’t hesitate to blame the poorly executed investigation on Martin. A lot of things don’t add up. Martin is on sick leave, and concealing from everyone how sick he truly is. Fredén jumps at the opportunity and offers Martin’s job to Alex. He wants some new blood in the force. But Alex seems as though she has other plans. And Josef has noticed something is amiss.



Producer: Tomas Michaelsson

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