The Sandhamn Murders – season 6

The Sandhamn Murders – season 6 consists of the films The Price of Power, In the name of the Truth, In the Wrong Company and In Sickness and in Health. Both are based on Viveca Sten’s crime novels with the same name.

The Price of Power – The summer has just begun and new summer guests Carsten and Celia Larsson have invited the entire island to a summer party to unveil their newly built luxury home in Fyrudden. But not everyone is looking forward to the party. The large construction project has invited the ire of many of the island’s residents, who are far from pleased with their new neighbors. Carsten receives anonymous threats, and has also alienated the construction workers by falling behind on his payments. An uninvited guest shows up just in time for the party, as well. Nora is more neutral to the island’s newcomers and both she and Jonas are excited to go to the party. A party that will end in catastrophe…

In the name of the Truth – It is finally time for this year’s sailing camp in Knarrholmen, and the atmosphere is charged with anticipation! But not everyone is happy. Benjamin feels isolated and several of the older boys make him their whipping boy straight away, without the leaders noticing anything. The bullying gets worse every day, and meanwhile someone is lurking in the shadows, watching every step the children take. Several of the boats in Sandhamn’s harbor have had their petrol stolen, siphoned off at night. Thomas takes the night surveillance job, to try to get more time with his family, and make things easier for his wife, who is uncomfortable being alone in the archipelago. Nora tries to support him, but Vera misunderstands their relationship and creates a rift between Nora and Jonas.

In the Wrong Company – The Nacka Police receive an anonymous report of domestic violence. Mia receives the report and goes to see Minna, who arrived at the hospital, badly battered, with her newborn son. Mia asks her to testify – and promises her protected housing out in the archipelago. Minna’s husband, André, does everything he can to get his family back, while at the same time trying to figure out who has filed the report. Minna and Mia get out of the hospital at the last minute, before André finds them, but he can’t take no for an answer, and instead starts to hunt them down to bring them home. Nora is in the middle of a new case, as she plans for her wedding with Jonas. Despite the wedding excitement, Jonas gets jealous when he finds out that Nora met Thomas at the restaurant during her bachelorette party. Thomas has just gotten divorced…

In Sickness and in Health – Mia and Thomas are on night surveillance, watching suspected alcohol smugglers. Everything is calm and quiet, until Thomas goes for a cup of coffee. A truck comes, and Mia doesn’t have the patience to wait. She goes in herself, so that she won’t miss her chance to catch them red-handed. She is beaten brutally and Thomas is determined to find the people who assaulted her.  A box of imported liquor is his only lead. It turns out that the CEO of the import company lives on Sandhamn, and is an acquaintance of Nora’s. Thomas heads out right away to ask Nora if she could consider helping him get some information. Nora is at Sandhamn, trying to move on after Jonas’ betrayal. She is invited to a 60th birthday party at the Sjöstrand Sisters’ restaurant, and shows up reluctantly. Her ex, Henrik, appears at the party and asks her for a dance.

Producer: Martin Cronström



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