The Karlsson Brothers

The Karlsson brothers is a comedy about two identical twins who are separated at birth and who from the beginning of the movie don´t know about each other’s existence.

The one brother- Nicklas is a successful, pedantic lawyer who lives in Stockholm. His life as a single man has no meaning but dreams about finding his one true love. The other brother- Hasse, lives in the north of Sweden, on a farm with his wife and two kids. Hasse is the exact opposite of Nicklas, he is a charming, unfaithful and sloppy.

The brothers meet for the first time at an estate inventory in the north of Sweden. When Nicklas travels back to Stockholm he thinks that it is the last he will see of his brother, but suddenly one day Hasse is outside his door.

Reluctantly Nicklas invites Hasse in. As twins a lot of confusion and mix-ups happen. Hasse succeds with his sorrowless charm to turn Nicklas life upside down.


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